Convert TextExpander snippets to Alfred 3

With TextExpander changing its business model, the new Alfred version supporting text replacement, and the general wish to use the smallest number of different apps, I wrote this script to convert the .textexpander files to .alfredsnippets files.

First, you'll have to export your TextExpander snippets. To do that, just right click on a snippet folder and select Save a Copy of Group.

Then, you just have to upload the .textexpander file. It will then (automatically) download a .alfredsnippets file. Open that file with Alfred to load the snippets.

I don't save your snippet files on my server. The uploaded file is only ever handled in memory, and will be deleted from memory as soon as the request is finished.

This tool is based on my TextExpander To Alfred 3 script and was brought to you by Daniel Diekmeier.